Ever since I became interested in photography, photojournalism was always what my greatest attention was focused. Behind my work as a wedding photographer are standing years of experience as photojournalist. When I started wedding photography, I knew that the most important feature of those photos has to be reportage approach. Wedding reportage is, first of all, moment captured in well-lit and composed frame. My idea for wedding photography is naturalness. Although every wedding has several common features preparation, ceremony in a church, reception, each one of it is a unique event.

Working with wedding reportage is the ability to find own way in every situation, but also capture often later unremembered, emotions and fleeting moments. For me, wedding photography is not only a nice colorful picture. It is primarily satisfaction of bride and groom and their loved ones, who have become characters of wedding story. I am a photographer from Warsaw, but I can get everywhere. I’m working all over Europe.